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Outsourcing IT Support Managed Services Company and IT Solutions in Singapore and Malaysia

Our Background

Win-Pro is a leading outsourcing IT support, IT consulting, and IT solution service provider company in Singapore and Malaysia

Since 1993, we have been delivering the highest standards of services to organizations in three major cities (Singapore, and Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia), with a fourth (in Batam, Indonesia) under consideration. We serve IT Support and IT Managed Services for Small Medium Business in Singapore, inclusive of Multi National Corporation as well. 

Our IT consulting arm in Singapore translates business strategy into viable technology solutions. We can deploy, manage, and support your infrastructure, whether on your premises or on the Cloud. We also provide IT Security Solutions, IT Infrastructure Solutions, and IT Solutions for Business.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best IT solutions and services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals. We strive to provide the highest quality of service and support to our clients.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of many leading organizations in Singapore and Malaysia. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust of our clients. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the highest level of service and support.

Our Specialization

Win-Pro is a fast growing IT Managed Services Provider MSP Singapore that can proactively manage, monitor and maintain IT infrastructure. To keep the system fully operational,  it is imperative to perform weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly system maintenance checklist for high availability and early detection of failure. As operational downtime is highly disruptive to any business workflow, therefore the IT Maintenance Services Singapore are crucial and important part of any business to perform in their optimum state. Beside the accounting or ERP, CRM amd inventory systems, IT Managed Services Provider MSP Singapore would have deployed these MSP tools.

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Professional Service Automation (PSA)
  • Cloud Endpoint Security with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • IT Support Helpdesk Ticketing
  • VOIP/SIP Communication System
  • Remote Control Software
  • Centralized IT Documentation
  • Team Collaborative Tool
  • Project Management

Essentially, it is moving from the traditional and reactive system integrator’s break-fix to proactive and preventive MSP.

We provide IT Support Helpdesk Services, Enterprise System-Integration (SI) Solution like UTM Firewall,  Cloud Server Hosting and DNS, Web, Mail, FTP Hosting Services. 

Finally, we are an IT Hardware and Software Vendor. We deliver, deploy and maintain IT Products & Services like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Kaspersky, Fortinet, Qnap, Synology, ShadowProtect, APC UPS, Datto, HPE, Ubiquiti, 3CX, Lenovo, Palo Alto, Teamviewer etc

Above all, we consider that our people is our most important asset. We are always seeking for highly motivated IT Support Engineers who are passionately to be a part of our mission to be the Top IT Support Company in the World. Currently, we have openings for IT support jobs in Singapore.

If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to us at We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Fortinet Select Partner

Teamviewer Silver Partner

HP HPE Partner

Microsoft Silver Partner Small Midmarket cloud solutions

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Partnering with leading IT brands in Singapore

Kaspersky Silver Partner (MSP)

Logitech Authorized Reseller

Microsoft Silver Partner in Small and MidMarket Cloud Solutions

Qnap Authorized System Integrator and Reseller

Datto Authorized Partner

Lenovo Business Partner

HP/HPE Partner

Fortinet Select Partner (Integrator)

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Tracker PDF X-Change Bronze Partner

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Lenovo Business Partner

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We provide proactive IT support services using custom-made tools to maintain your IT Infrastructure in a safe, secure, and productive manner, freeing you to focus on your core business functions, eg sales. In another words, our ultimate aim is to help business owners to achieve a peace of mind in running their business.

We provide a range of services, including:

• Network monitoring and maintenance
• Security and compliance
• Backup and disaster recovery
• Cloud services
• Help desk support
• Software and hardware installation and upgrades
• Network and server administration
• Virtualization
• VoIP and telephony
• Website and application development
• Data storage and management
• Network and system optimization
• Business continuity planning
• IT project management

We also offer a range of additional services, such as:
• IT consulting
• Network design and implementation
• Business process automation
• Custom software development
• Mobile application development
• IT training and education
• Vendor management
• IT asset management
• IT auditing and compliance
• Cybersecurity services
• Cloud migration and integration
• Managed services

Plans in IT Support Singapore in 2022

This year 2022, we celebrate our 29th year in IT support Business in Singapore.

Over the years, we have developed well-documented standard operating procedures (SOPs), IT best practices, training programs, process checklists, and strict security controls. As a result, we are able to scale up our digital transformation plans to move from being a reactive System Integrator to becoming a proactive managed services provider (MSP).

We have also implemented a comprehensive IT governance framework that ensures our IT operations are aligned with our business objectives. This framework includes a set of policies, procedures, and processes that are designed to ensure that our IT operations are secure, efficient, and costeffective.

We have also invested in the latest technologies and tools to ensure that our IT operations are uptodate and secure. We have implemented a comprehensive security strategy that includes firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems. We also have a robust backup and disaster recovery plan in place to ensure that our data is safe and secure.

Finally, we have invested in a team of highlyskilled IT professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the latest technologies and is committed to providing the best possible customer experience. 

Outsourcing IT Support Managed Services Company and IT Solutions in Singapore

What is a IT Support Services?

It covers day-to-day IT departmental operations like IT Support Helpdesk, IT deployment, IT Infrastructure design, IT consultancy and IT audit checks. It also provide procurement of IT products and services. It also covers IT security, data protection, disaster recovery, and other IT related services.

What is a IT System Integrator (SI)?

System Integrator (SI) offers third-party software and hardware solutions at a markup, along with some combination of procurement consulting, configuration, and customization services.

SIs charge flat-rate fees per license and billable hours, but their engagement is finite, reactive, and limited. This approach charges in term of hours spent; therefore, in some ways, it actually rewards inefficiency and ineffectiveness. It does not incentivize the SI to improve its process, work flow, and engineers’ competencies.

The SI model is best suited for organizations that need a onetime solution or a shortterm project. It is not ideal for organizations that need ongoing support and maintenance. Additionally, the SI model does not provide the same level of accountability and transparency as a managed services provider.

What is a IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that plans, builds, deploys, operates, manages, and maintains your business IT Infrastructure for a finite period (3/6/12 months) in exchange for a fixed, recurring fee (like a retainer).

IT MSPs typically offer a range of services such as network maintenance, network security, hardware repair, IT support help-desk services, web hosting, web design, email hosting, IT administration and Business Continuity Planning, and anything else that requires a day-to-day administrator to keep running. They also purchase IT hardware, software, and IT solution from a 3rd-party vendor, a cost which is bundled with their services and passed on to the customer.

The main benefit of using an IT MSP is that it allows businesses to outsource their IT needs to a reliable and experienced provider, freeing up their own resources to focus on their core business. This can help to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase the quality of service. Additionally, IT MSPs can provide access to the latest technology and expertise, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the competition.

IT System Integrator 

IT Managed Service Provider

Mode of Operation Reactive Proactive
Engagement Ad-Hoc, Pay per Use Continuous and Structured
Job Focus Problem Resolution Problem Prevention
Risk Assessment High Low
Overall Impact due to failure High Low
Business Relationship External Vendor Close Partner
Speed of Problem Resolution Slow Fast
Billing Fixed Billable Hours Fixed Monthly Fees
Incentives Reward for Inefficiency

and Ineffectiveness

Reward for Efficiency

and Effectiveness

Business Objectives Monetary Reliability and Stability

Why Outsourced to MSP?

As a managed service provider, we are in a position to structure our business to offer technology services more affordable than what it would cost a business to do itself, a even higher level of quality, and with more flexibility and scalability. It is achieved through efficiencies of scale, as an MSP is able to recruit IT support specialists that small business cannot not justify to have, and through automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning – technologies that business may not have the expertise or the experience to embark by themselves.

We are also able to provide a more comprehensive service than a business could do itself, as we are able to offer a range of services such as cloud hosting, data backup, security, and disaster recovery. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, while we take care of the technology needs.

Finally, as an MSP, we are able to provide a more flexible and scalable service than a business could do itself. We are able to quickly scale up or down our services to meet the changing needs of the business, and can provide a more tailored service to meet the specific needs of the business. This allows businesses to be more agile and responsive to changing market conditions.

Outsourced to MSP

What really differentiates the MSP from traditional outsourcing companies is that when an business outsources an IT support function, the outsourcing company either recruit those employees or replaces them with a number of employees offshore.

However, a MSP focuses not on the jobs, but the outcomes that the client seeks. For example, a business might contract an MSP to manage end user support calls to meet desired KPI. As long as the managed service provider meets those KPI, it does not matter whether it uses dedicated staff, AI robotic automation, or some other system to handle calls for that customer.

In addition, MSPs often provide a more comprehensive service than traditional outsourcing companies. For example, they may provide a range of services such as network monitoring, patch management, and security services. This allows businesses to outsource a range of IT functions to a single provider, rather than having to manage multiple vendors.

MSP Evolved from BPO

There is a wide spectrum of overlap between these definitions, however, and many business traditionally thought of as offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are now operating more as managed service providers.

Lastly, managed services also differs from traditional IT consultancy in that consultancy is usually project-based, while IT Support managed services are ongoing engagement.

The main difference between Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Managed Services is that BPO is typically a onetime engagement, while Managed Services is an ongoing engagement. BPO is usually focused on a specific project or task, while Managed Services is focused on providing ongoing support and maintenance for an organizations IT infrastructure. BPO is often used to outsource specific tasks or processes, while Managed Services is used to provide a comprehensive IT solution.

Our IT Products and IT Support Services

Outsourced IT Support Services

Our Outsourced IT Support Services can helps to overcome IT challenges faster and better. It is passionately served by skilled and experienced engineers. On top of that, all service requests and telephone calls are logged for quality control to improve service levels.

We provide both onsite field services and remote services

Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Offers World Class Security Endpoint for Enterprise Business Users

Business Process Outsourcing

As businesses seek to lower costs, compete, expand their global reach and focus on their core concerns, consequently they have to turn to outsourcing their noncore business processes.

Datto – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Datto protects business data and provides secure connectivity for tens of thousands of the world’s fastest growing companies. Datto’s Total Data Protection solutions deliver uninterrupted access to business data on site, in transit and in the cloud.

Microsoft 365

We help to bring Teams and Group closer by better communication and collaborative work. Provides the tools for teams to be more efficient and effective in the service delivery.

Buy IT Products

Purchase IT products with competent support at affordable prices

System Integration

Deploy and Manage IT Infrastructure Effectively.

Ubiquiti Wireless Networks

Reliable Wireless Equipment with Enterprise Quality at Consumer Price. Consequently, getting great value.

APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

APC provide reliable power supply to your system. As a result, it increases system stability and reliability.

3CX – Unified Communication

3CX offers a complete Unified Communications solution out of the box. As an open standards software PBX, installation and management of your phone system has never been easier

Fortinet Fortigate - UTM Firewall

All In One Box for Unified Threat Management (UTM) Network Security for Business. Tops in Gartner Report for the past few years.

Shadow Protect

Provides Fast Sector Level Backup. Suitable for Swift Disaster Recovery. Minimize Downtime.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud services made simple and better

Qnap – Full Featured NAS

Enterprise NAS Storage for Business

Web Hosting

Provide Secured and Well Managed Website Services. Hence, peace of mind for the business owner.

Synology – Powerful NAS

Reliable, Powerful and Secured NAS for Business

Server Rack Cabinet

Server Rack Cabinet can store, organize and manage your Network Equipment. Consequently, a clutter-free and organized can help to reduce resolution time .

Palo Alto – Enterprise Firewall

Award Winning and Highly Secured Enterprise Perimeter Firewall

IT Professional Services

Offering highly competent engineer at affordable prices. Thus, higher ROI

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Outsourcing IT Support Managed Services Company and IT Solutions in Singapore

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Outsourcing IT Support Managed Services Company and IT Solutions in Singapore

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